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Tarot Readings 

Tarot is a form of cartomancy or divination, which taps you into your energy and works with the wisdom of the Universe to provide you the guidance that you are seeking.

During our reading you will be guided to take a journey deep into your unconscious self and you will be offered very deep and detailed information regarding your relationships, career, finances, family and all aspects of life. You will be informed how to clear and heal blockages to make way for the next chapter.

Readings conducted via zoom/video call. 

Reiki & Energetic Healings 

REIKI is a form of energy healing with roots in ancient cultures. Reiki uses what’s known as universal life force energy, to bring into balance your physical, emotional and mental states.


The therapy is gentle and non-invasive, and therefore suitable for everyone. It is beneficial for those who are physically and/or emotionally unwell. Some of the benefits include relieves pain, anxiety, and fatigue. Eases depression, enhances quality of life, boosts mood, promotes relaxation and sleep.  


In addition to REIKI we use other modalities for the healing such as crystals, sound and aroma oils which we use intuitively to enhance your healing. Our session combines the healing with a Clairvoyant reading. The information received in each session aims to provide you with loving guidance to help get you from where you are to where you want to be.


You can also enjoy the healing in the comfort of your home! As we provide distant healings, it is performed at an agreed time remotely, and is just as effective,  as  Reiki energy “works” regardless of where you are located since it transcends time and physical space. After your session we will send an audio recording with feedback.  

Holistic Coaching 

Our sessions are a safe space to explore your inner world through emotions, health and programming. You will be guided to explore what is in the way of your healing and empowerment. Clients gain new perspectives and solutions that support them to experience a greater sense of clarity in who they are and have the confidence to live authentically. You will learn life tools and strategies that will help you transform in mind, body and soul from the inside out. These sessions allow us to explore any aspect of life, allowing whatever needs to surface. A variety of holistic modalities may be adopted to effect change.

About Me

My name is Mafalda and I am a REIKI Master, Tarot Reader, Holistic Coach, PT and Children’s Author.

My spiritual journey started 9 years ago, after dealing with a break up, suffering depression and repeating the same negative behavioral patterns over and over, I was desperate for change, wanting to finally heal within and be free. Intuitively I began utilizing holistic modalities to do the work along with self-care.    

Once I became open to the process I discovered REIKI, Kinesiology, Tarot, Meditation, Shamanic Healing and Holistic Therapy. As our journey isn’t linear, having the right support network is empowering.

Since becoming a Mother, another passion project of mine is inspiring our little people, as a published Children’s Author.

With my intuitive and innovative approach, I love to help and support my clients along their journey.

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My Approach
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